[MINI]Lab charts

   Camera originals on colour negative and reversal films   

   Charts are available on 135 format (24x36mm) 

and 120 formats (6x7, 6x9). Any other motives and formats on request.

See our price-list for details.

As we donīt have any charts on stock , 

our pre-exposed charts, additional strips and complete packages 

are always absolute fresh.

We expose all charts on demand  in short term (only higher amounts).

Printer Etalon   

Exactly balanced testnegative (dia) that represents an average customer negative in colour and density. 

Available on most negative film stocks.

Standard exposition sequences (negatives): 

-2,0,+3        (marked N,U,O)

-2,0,+3,+5   (marked N,U,O,OO).

IT8 etalon for digital labs

Exactly balanced shots of reflective IT8.7/2 chart. 

The chart enables to create ICC profile of  digilabīs scanners.

Lab data of original IT8.7/2 chart are downloadable.

Available on most negative film stocks.

Standard exposition arays (negatives): 

-2,0,+3        (marked N,U,O)

-2,0,+3,+5  (marked N,U,O,OO).

Printer Focus

Special sector stars in centre and at the corners guarantee quick precise focusing.


Resolution pattern in the centre: 

up to 70 line pairs (cy) per mm with 5 cy/mm increments. 

Ideal tool for testing and comparison of lens and labs.

Printer Grey Scale 

Camera shot of precise transparent grey step wedge.

30 steps with 0,10D progression. 


Corrected densities of original wedge: 

Dmin=0,00, step1=0,10,  step30=3,00 .