Pre-Press aids

   IT8 charts for scanner characterisation   

Our "IT8" charts are based on international standard (ISO 12641).

They are available in four versions

two transmissive versions (4"x5", 24x36mm)

and two reflective versions (5"x7", A4).


Production of three types is possible: 

Kodak type (portrait + flesh tones on right hand side of the image),

Fuji type (flesh tone patches in right hand columns)

and Agfa type (colourful patches in right hand columns)


Any type could be exposed on any material (e.g. Kodak type can be produced on Fuji material).

There are only two products on stock: reflective chart 5"x7" Kodak type glossy

and reflective chart A4 Kodak type semimatt.

Please, ask us about availability of transmissive charts.



We produce the charts mostly on Kodak photo materials (Ektachrome, Ektacolor).

Production on other materials (Fuji, Agfa, Konica) by request.

Charts are measured by corrected spectrophotometer Gretag Spectrolino.

Average batch colorimetric data  (XYZ, L*a*b*) are available for each production batch.

ICC profiles created by way of our charts are identical with profiles of Kodak charts.


Transmissive Target 4"x5" (IT8.7/1 Type 1)  

Reflective Target 5"x7"  (IT8.7/2) 



   Downloads of batch colorimetric data   


All data are in standardized ANSII format

(*.txt files).

Please, download data type you need 

(for either Transmissive or Reflective targets). 

Unzip downloaded archive.

Use respective *.txt file

(according to Batch No. of your IT8 Input Target)

and create individual ICC profile of your scanner.

Download here transmissive data

Download here reflective data

   Other Pre-Press tools   

   Testers, gauges and meters   

Our small film charts are manufactured either on 0,18mm or 0,1mm film. 

We can produce many types of film testers, gauges and meters, with your logo.

They are ideal as gifts for your clients.

  Screen Tester AL21

Sheet of 0,18mm thick film, size 150x180 mm.

Enables to read angle and ruling (up to 250lpi)  of screens together.



Litho and Typo Meter LTM2

10 measures for graphic studio purposes, incl. various radiuses, screens, lines, and others.

Screen ruling measure up to 300lpi. 

Size 105x210 mm.

   Charts for scanners and digital cameras   

Please, visit our special DIGITAL IMAGING page 

with complete offer and prices 




For 35mm microfilm / film / reflective scanners.

28x42 mm pattern, on 35mm strip of high resolution photo material.

For visual evaluation of scanner resolution. 31 groups of ISO2 patterns with resolution 12,5 to 250 line pairs per millimeter (cycles/mm).

2 versions are available:

Transmissive (FSR1T) and 

reflective (FSR1R, on opaque white base film).


Colour chart with reference data on CD.

Compatible with ICC profiling softwares



Available in 4 sizes: 

Reflective: 14x19 cm, 20.3x29.2 cm, 40.6x58.4 cm.

Transmissive: 29x32 cm.