We produce 50 standard types of video charts for television / S-VHS / CCTV cameras.

Custom TV charts with special content / size are welcome.

We offer nearly the same prices for standard and custom assortment.

ITE, EIA and EIAJ TV charts are produced by request.

Most of our charts are available in both opaque and transparent versions.

More complex charts come together with technical / instruction papers. 

Actual measured colorimetric & densitometric & signal data 

are supplied by request.

 We can deliver television charts in nearly any size. Both 4:3 and 16:9 formats are available.

Standard image sizes are: 

DNP (4:3) = 180x240 mm

Bosch (4:3) = 210x280 mm

Sony (4:3) = 240x320 mm

Field (4:3) = 330x440 mm

BBC (4:3) = 405x540 mm

DNP (16:9) = 135x240 mm

Bosch (16:9) = 157,5x280 mm

Sony (16:9) = 180x320 mm

1X (16:9) = 200x356 mm

Field (16:9) = 250x444 mm

1.5X (16:9) = 300x533 mm

We ofer you any other sizes according to your wishes. Please, contact us for detailed information.

   Universal charts   

KTO-111 Universal Chart 

Resolution in 3 directions 

up to 800 lph.

KTO-128 Universal Chart 

HiRes chart up to 1600 lph.

KTO-113 Resolution + 

               Grey Scale 11+2 steps

Up to 11 MHz, contrast 40:1 + 120:1.

KTO-142 Universal Chart 

EIAJ Test chart type A
up to 800 lph.

KTO-139 Universal Chart 

High Resolution test chart

up to 2000 lph.

KTO-140 Resolution Chart 

According to the IEEE std.208 norm
up to 1000 lph

   Charts for vectorscope measurement   

KTO-91a Colour bars 

Transmissive chart,
75% vectorscope saturation,
27% white patch transmission.

KTO-91b Colour matrix 

Transmissive chart,
40% vectorscope saturation,
70% white patch transmission.

KTO-91c Colour matrix 

Reflective chart,
maximum obtainable vectorscope saturations.

   Colour charts for visual evaluation   


KTO-92 Portrait 

Reflective chart. 6 colour offset print, size 399x532mm.

KTO-92a Portrait 

Reflective chart. 6 colour offset print, size 330x440 mm ("Field").


   Colour charts for signal measurement   


KTO-94 Colour Matrix 

6 grey and 18 colour patches with defined Lab colorimetric coordinates

KTO-95 Colour Resolution 

0,1 to 1,5 MHz wedge with 0,1 MHz progresion.


   Grey charts   

contrast 40:1, gamma 0.45


KTO-115 Grey Scale 5 steps log. grey step wedge   

KTO-118 Grey Scale 9 steps log. grey step wedge  

KTO-119 Grey Scale 11 steps log. grey step wedge  



KTO-113 Resolution + 

               Grey Scale 11+2 steps

Up to 11 MHz, contrast 40:1 + 120:1.

KTO-112 Grey Scale 11 steps

Contrast 60:1, 

gamma 0.45.


Contrast 80:1, 

linear for gamma 0.45 / 1.00.

   Resolution / Depth of modulation charts   

KTO-125 Multiburst 

0.5 to 10 MHz.

KTO-127 Multiburst 

0.5 to 6 MHz, for wobbling 

KTO-134 Vertical Resolution 

0.5 to 8 MHz continuously. 


KTO-137 Multiburst symmetrical
1 to 8 MHz continuously, 50% grey strip.

KTO-005 Depth of Modulation 

40/400 lph.

KTO-110 Depth of Modulation 

0.5/5 MHz.

   Registration grids   


KTO-103 Registration Positive 

According to the SMPTE.

KTO-109 Registration Positive 

14/19 division, 625 lines.


   Lens focus   


KTO-106 Lens Focus 

24 pairs of segments, for quick visual evaluation.

KTO-130 Lens Focus

36 pairs of segments, for detailed evaluation.

KTO-126 Lens Focus 

36 pairs of segments plus frequency samples 89 to 504 lph.



KTO-141 Lens Focus 

36 pairs of segments, with corner stars



   Radial resolution   


KTO-131 Sector Star 

180 pairs of segments, 

frequency up to 12 MHz.

KTO-135 Sector Star 

144 pairs of segments, 

frequency up to 10 MHz.

KTO-136 Concentric Octagons 

1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6 MHz samples in 4 directions.

   Zone plates   


KTO-129 Zone Plates 

Frequency up to 600 / 1200 lph.

KTO-132 Zone Plate 

Frequency up to 8 MHz (horizontal).

KTO-133 Zone Plate with Grid 

Frequency up to 8 MHz (horizontal).

   Deflection linearity ball charts   


KTO-108 Ring Test Chart  14/19 division, 625 lines, ring diameters 2-4 % of image high.

KTO-121 Ring Test Chart  14/17 division, 525 lines, ring diameters 1-2-4% of image high.

   Mid-frequency bars   


KTO-120 Streaking Measurement 

KTO-122 Mid-Frequency Response 

Negative and positive versions.

KTO-123 Afterglow Test Chart 


   Chess boards and windows   

KTO-007 Chess Board Chart  12/18 division.

KTO-102 Chess Board with Sector Stars

12/18 division, up to 600 lph.

KTO-114 Chess Board with Sector Stars

14/19 division, 2-3.5-5 MHz lines.



KTO-124 Chess Board with Resolution

14/19 division.

KTO-14a Window 

1% black area.

KTO-14c Window 

50% black area.

   Charts for videostands / CCTV video cameras   


Chart 24x30cm with 8 small partial test patterns,incl. continuous tone grey scale.


Universal cheap chart on photopaper (contrast 50:1) with colour patches.


Test chart for measurement of limits of detail recognition



Test object in accordance with
EN 50132-7 norm.